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Unique bead creations in conjunction with breast cancer awareness:

Think Pink!


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ANMC Cancer Awareness Quilt

Copy of b4c squares2n3

Laura and I started this project as a way to create cancer awareness in the Native community: cancer is survivable, regular screenings and early detection are so important, and we care! This is a collaborative project; squares are completed and donated by people from all over the state and we just received a square from the Lower 48!  The completed quilt will be unveiled at this year’s AFN Convention in October, and will be housed at the ANMC Oncology Department. For information and to view completed squares, go to:

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Ribbon Awareness Pins

These delicate, brick-stitched ribbon pins featuring a centered heart are designed by Kerrie Slade to promote awareness and generate research funds. The pattern is on sale now at: Until Sept. 30, 2008, proceeds from pattern sales go to breast cancer research. Kerrie respectfully requests that pins made from her pattern be sold for charity, not for personal gain. For more info:

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Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer

Bead & Button Magazine hosts an annual bead show every summer, the biggest in the country (if not the world!) and features both live & silent auctions of beaded items that are donated by bead artists from around the world. The proceeds benefit breast cancer research. Consider donating your beaded items to this worthy cause by mailing them to: Bead & Button, Attn: BAABC, 21017 Crossroads Circle, P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI, 53187-1612. The deadline for the 2009 show is May 1st. For more information:

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Pink Ribbon Turtle 4Q

Jena Tuntas and Gretchen Coats have partnered to bring this project to the international scene in order to provide donation funds for the American Cancer Society; see page 6 of Beadwork’s October-November 2008 issue for Jena’s article. In short, four people each contribute one quadrant of the embroidered turtle (which must have a pink shell!); the quadrants are sewn together and framed in a 16″x20″ shadow box. The volunteer project is managed by a Group Leader and the members of the group are responsible for providing their own materials, publicity, etc.  See the website,, for full instructions on this collaborative project. The due date is October 1st, so it’s too late to collaborate for the 2008 year but keep this on your back burner for 2009! Check back at Jena & Gretchen’s website for an online gallery of 2008 Turtles.

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Laura’s Journey

I have the privelege of knowing an intensely special person – Laura R. We passed each other in the oncology treatment center at our shared hospital; I recognized an optimistic spark in this lovely lady that one doesn’t see all that often in cancer treatment. Laura writes in her own blog,, in her beatifully eloquent way, the experiences & feelings that typify my own journey. Her contagious enthusiasm for life will have you laughing, weeping, and cheering.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Will you join me in spreading breast cancer awareness? Remember to do your monthly breast self-exam now and every month! Remind a loved one to do the same. For information on how to do a breast self-exam, see this website: This website also has good information on how to prevent cancer.

Finding a lump can be scary – I know this from experience! (See my “About Me” page.) However, finding one doesn’t always mean it will be cancer…but don’t be the one to take a chance on your life! Early detection of breast cancer means a better survival rate. If you find a lump, please take the time to see your health care professional on how to proceed.

There are many ways you can help fight this battle against breast cancer. Visit to see how you can help.

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This website and my posts do NOT replace treatment and/or opinions by a qualified medical professional. See your doctor or other health care professional if you suspect you have cancer.

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